Yoga – longevity-ritual for a happier, healthier life?

Yoga – longevity-ritual for a happier, healthier life?

Many inhabitants of the world's longevity zones perform yoga regularly to keep their bodies fit and slow down their minds. But what exactly is the secret of this lifestyle?

We interviewed Paula Malherbe, a yoga teacher in Berlin, and found out what significance yoga has for her life, her health and her inner balance.

Yoga Teacher Paula Malherbe - Yoga Lehrerin Paula Malherbe
Paula Malherbe, Yoga Teacher in Berlin

Dear Paula, how did you have your first yoga experience? What did you feel when you did it?
I went to my first yoga class in Vienna over 20 years ago and fell in love with yoga. It was divine timing, it showed up at exactly the time I needed it and it felt good.

Which meaning does yoga have for you? Are there certain personal developments that you attribute to yoga?
Yoga is a way of life for me. Through regular practice I have more understanding of myself, it has expanded my level of awareness and understanding of the world.

What do spirituality and meditation mean to you?
My understanding of spirituality is that there is higher consciousness that we can always tap into, that there is more to life than just this 3D reality we live in, and meditation is what keeps me connected to the infinite. Meditation allows me to become quiet, to tune out the noise so that I can find my still place, my answers and to reconnect when I feel disconnected.

What is your yoga routine? Do you have a favourite flow?
I practice most days and I don’t have a specific favourite sequence; discipline is the key.

Are there certain yoga routines that you do in certain states of mind or during difficult times (e.g. when you are exhausted or angry with someone)?
The only routine for me is to do the yoga and meditation. When done during challenging times, it brings you back to yourself, it quiets the noise in the head, and you find your inner strength.

What kind of yoga do you practise and why exactly this one?
Kundalini Yoga, it was what I first started with and what I fell in love with. Expect the unexpected is how I like to explain Kundalini Yoga as it is never boring and can be a lot of fun.

What developments in your yoga students have impressed you the most or perhaps even touched you personally?
When Yogis approach me and tell me how the yoga has benefitted them. When they begin to recognize the impact of regular practice and learning the art of commitment. When they tell me how much stronger they feel, mentally and physically and when they approach me and tell me they are doing their yoga teachers training because they love the practice so much.

What values define your life and what do you want to give your yoga students for their life and development?
Being strong even in difficult times. Remembering to slow down and quiet the mind. The mind gets us into a lot of trouble a lot of the time. Through regular practice finding their inner strength, inner resilience, this is what I wish for my yogis.

Is there a particular motto you live by?
If I had a motto, it would be - Be awake, be conscious, pay attention and watch your patterns.

What does longevity mean to you?
Living a healthy lifestyle, through diet, movement, meditation and play. All these factors play into living a long, meaningful life.


Start your personal longevity-ritual with your yoga routine today and go on a journey to yourself, to more composure and to a longer, happier life!

Do you have a favourite yoga sequence? Where and when do you prefer to do yoga? What meaning does yoga have for you?

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