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Face Yoga - the latest trend for more youthful skin!

We asked Areti Kafantari, Face Yoga teacher and BU:KEI lover, about the new trend!

Foto Areti Kafantari Face Yoga
Areti Kafantari, Face Yoga Teacher in Hamburg

Dear Areti, you are a yoga teacher for Face Yoga. What made you decide to get involved with it?
A long story that I will try to make short! I was working as a marketing manager for big multinational beauty companies for over than 18 years and my love for the beauty market was really big. I was in London back in 2011 when I first saw a Face yoga workshop. As you understand I fell in love and I started searching like crazy. Today I run my own business as a Face Yoga instructor, trainer and author. I teach Face Yoga all around the world and everyone has the opportunity to practise Face yoga on his own time and place through my online Face Yoga programmes. The are available at www.faceyogaforall.com

What does Face Yoga mean to you and what has changed in your skin/wellbeing?
Face Yoga did not change only my face and skin but changed my whole perception of beauty and age acceptance. Face Yoga is not only the most effective natural an anti-aging method but it is a gift of self-awareness. Through Face Yoga you connect with your face, you understand the way you engage your muscles so you can easily reprogram all the wrong expression we do everyday and cause us wrinkles. I am practising and teaching Face Yoga for 11 years and my face feels and looks younger than before 3 years.

Which changes do you notice in your Face Yoga clients?
Many changes according to their consistency. Because like most of the things in our life that help us  improve need CONSISTENCY! The first results come after approximately 3-4 weeks. More toned face contour, less wrinkles and a brighter skin. The skin improves surprisingly due to the fact that we have better blood circulation and skincare products penetration. As you continue practising Face Yoga and it becomes part of your everyday habits (only for 5-7 minutes are enough), you see your face continuously improving and achieving a healthier look and naturally controlled muscle movement.

You live in Athens, a big city. Do you feel the stressful lifestyle and what do you do to escape it?
I actually live in Hamburg the last 3 years and my life is much more relaxed thank it was in Athens. But in any case living in a big city can cause you stress and this stress is “locked” first of all on your face, since we have 4 out of 5 senses exclusively on our face. My antidote for this is to try and build some escape habits like journaling, preparing my day ahead and keeping time for my self and the things that I love, even for 10’ per time. And my big escape is to connect with nature which I achieve through my everyday dog walks

Do you have a particular motto in life?
If you dream, you will succeed and the you will dream again!

What is your personal "source of youthfulness"?
Of course Face Yoga! but it is an holistic approach. I face meditate every morning, use my skincare products carefully selected according my needs and the philosophy of the products, I do my Face Yoga exercises and try to smile as much as possible since it is vital for my face and my mental health!

Do you have a certain beauty routine?
Of course! I am a very controlled person to be honest, so “routine” is my second name. I am also a holistic nutritional coach, so eating for beauty is a necessity for me. My beauty routine as I said before is holistic! Healthy eating, Yoga, face yoga, skincare and face massage along with meditation. It may seem unachievable but if you build a habit then it takes only 10 minutes per day.

What do you like best about the BU:KEI philosophy and why?
First of all, I love the philosophy! I only use products that are environmentally friendly since I believe that nature gives us the best and we should take care of nature at the same way. I love the longevity and sustainability aspect along with the effectiveness of the products due to top end ingredients with healing properties.

Which BU:KEI products do you like best and why?
I love all the products since it is a holistic approach for the whole body. Before saying about my favourite face products, I will mention my enthusiasm for the deo which is perfect and after the use I feel my skin like a baby skin. The second star body product for me is the oral solution that makes my breath fresh and the taste is unforgettable. Due to massaging my face everyday I have used many many face oils but the BU:KEI facial oil is very balanced! Not ver oily not very dry, that makes the hands move on the face like magic. Also I love the toner! I have it in my bag since I got it and hydrate my face all day, keeping it soft and supple.

Which BU:KEI product is best applied with a face yoga exercise for optimal skin rejuvenation and wellbeing?
As I said before the facial oil! It is heaven to use this product on my face. I feel safe that using BU:KEI facial oil this skin will not create wrinkles, which is extremely important for Face Yoga. This is a lifesaving product especially for my that I have more than 4-5 hours per day lessons of Face Yoga, so I have to keep my face hydrated and protected.

What does longevity mean to you?
Longevity is a key for many people! For my it is definitely a value and a life achievement but it is not only a goal of leaving longer but also leaving better. So quality longevity is my wish!

Have you already discovered Face Yoga for yourself? What is your favourite exercise?

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