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Secret of a joyful life – Interview with Katerina Michail
What is the secret of a happy life? How much does a mindful and healthy lifestyle influence our well-being and longevity? We asked Katerina Michail - she lives in wonderful Greece, which is home to one of the world's five longevity...

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Face Yoga - the latest trend for more youthful skin!
We asked Areti Kafantari, Face Yoga teacher and BU:KEI lover, about the new trend! Areti Kafantari, Face Yoga Teacher in Hamburg Dear Areti, you are a yoga teacher for Face Yoga. What made you decide to get involved with it?...

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Yoga – longevity-ritual for a happier, healthier life?
Many inhabitants of the world's longevity zones perform yoga regularly to keep their bodies fit and slow down their minds. But what exactly is the secret of this lifestyle? We interviewed Paula Malherbe, a yoga teacher in Berlin, and found...

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You already know our exclusive BU:KEI Longevity Formula with the optimally combined active ingredients Olive Leaf Extract, Molasses & Sake, Grape Seed Extract, Papaya Extract and Strawflower Extract from the 5 Longevity Zones of this world. But what exactly does...

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Why you should definitely include a toner in your beauty routine!
  You've probably asked yourself whether a toner is really necessary. After all, your skin is already clean after cleansing, isn't it? Yes and no. Your skin is freed from make-up, sweat, dirt and sebum by the cleansing foam, oil,...

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Oil pulling – does it really work?
Oil pulling has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for many thousands of years to heal and treat various diseases. Although this has never been scientifically proven, oil pulling has now become an absolute detox trend for us as well....

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Deodorant without aluminium - does it work at all?
Are you sceptical about whether a deodorant without aluminium can have the same effect as one with aluminium? We'll explain why it works with the right ingredients and what you'll be doing your body a favour by avoiding aluminium in...

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What does longevity mean to you?
At BU:KEI, longevity doesn’t just mean living a long life; it means living beautifully, too. Our skin and body care range is developed with this philosophy in mind. Each of our products is designed to bring beauty to your day,...

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