What does longevity mean to you?

What does longevity mean to you?

At BU:KEI, longevity doesn’t just mean living a long life; it means living beautifully, too.

Our skin and body care range is developed with this philosophy in mind. Each of our products is designed to bring beauty to your day, using a symphony of botanical fragrances to ground you through scent, and rich textures to build mindful morning rituals. 

We’re interested in beauty grounded in wisdom and experience, which is why our products started life with an idea that grew from research into longevity; with the world’s happiest and longest-living communities.

Researchers Gianni Pes, Michel Poulain and Dan Buettner identified five zones where people live the longest in the world; Icaria (Greece), Okinawa (Japan), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Loma Linda (USA) and Sardinia (Italy). These rural locations share a spiritual approach to life, where people are guided by a commitment to community and a greater sense of purpose. In Okinawa, this is called ikigai or ‘reason for being’. 

Communities in each Longevity Zone enjoy a diet rich in sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, plentiful time spent in nature and a routine of light exercise and active socialising. They drink only in moderation, never smoke and avoid stress. 

Inspired by the rituals and lifestyles of these centenarians, we wanted to create something that brought this deep sense of wellness to the everyday. BU:KEI was born.

Each BU:KEI product is enriched with our Longevity Formula, which draws from ingredients found in each zone. These ingredients are both an ode to the philosophies of their homes, and rich in skin-loving nutrients that promote beauty inside and out. 

From Greece, we used organic olive leaves to soothe and protect skin. From Okinawa, we selected Japanese complex molasses and sake; deeply hydrating ingredients full of antioxidants. From Nicoya and Loma Linda we chose organic papaya and grapes, for their juices rich in vitamins A, B and C. From Sardinia, we selected sunny Helichrysum flowers, which are known for their antiseptic and regenerative properties.

But long-term care for our skin shouldn’t come at the expense of care for the earth. That’s why each of our ingredients is sourced sustainably and grown without harmful pesticides. Our sleeve wraps are made from sugar cane paper and our bottles from recycled glass, meaning BU:KEI contains no plastic inside or out. 

What does longevity mean to us? It means living long, living well, and living beautifully.

What does longevity mean to you?