You already know our exclusive BU:KEI Longevity Formula with the optimally combined active ingredients Olive Leaf Extract, Molasses & Sake, Grape Seed Extract, Papaya Extract and Strawflower Extract from the 5 Longevity Zones of this world. But what exactly does each of these ingredients do for our skin?

Find out how BU:KEI ingredients nourish our skin and why we should definitely use them in our blog series "BU:KEI Longevity Formula" - in each post from this series we inform you about one of our valuable ingredients!


Organic olive leaf extract from Ikaria in Greece: Full active ingredient power for skin and soul!

"Why does BU:KEI use olive leaf extract and not olive oil?" - you might ask yourself now. The nourishing effect of olive oil on our skin has been known for a long time. However, many people do not know about the positive effect and the wonderful active ingredients contained in the leaves of the olive tree (lat. Olea europaea)!

BUKEI Longevity Formula Olive leaf extract products - BUKEI Langlebigkeitsformel Olivenblattextrakt produkte

The healing effect of olives has long been known to the residents of Ikaria (Greece), one of the 5 longevity zones of this world. Meanwhile, science also knows that not only our skin, but our entire body - internally as well as externally - can benefit from the active ingredients of the olive tree.

In contrast to the oil, a much higher concentration of active ingredients is found in leaves! While the oil provides valuable fatty acids, the leaves contain secondary plant substances (phytochemicals) and effective polyphenols such as oleuropein, flavonoids and terpenes, which make a highly effective impact:


Oleuropein is one of the strongest natural antioxidants and is able to neutralise damaging free radicals. Free radicals attack our (skin) cells, causing them to age faster.

The organic olive leaf extract in our BU:KEI Longevity formula tightens your skin, prolongs the life of your skin cells and also works anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. The contained chlorophyll supports wound healing and the natural detox effect of your skin.

Vitamins A and E as well as unsaturated fatty acids protect your cells and makes your skin silky-soft!


Why we LOVE olive leaf extract:

∞ has a strong antioxidant effect and tightens your skin.
∞ prolongs the life of cells
∞ has an anti-inflammatory and antifungal effect
∞ contains valuable fats that nourish your skin deeply


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